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Excellence in Polyurethane Adhesives

EXCEL GLUE was introduced in 1992 to the American woodworking market. We are the exclusive distributor of EXCEL Polyurethane Glues in North America. Over the years, Excel’s parent company, AmBel Corporation, has earned a reputation for unequaled personal service, knowledgeable customer support and incredible glue products.

The information offered on this website is part of AmBel’s ongoing effort to inform and educate craftsmen in PU glue technology and usage. Because of the high number of information requests and the wide variety of questions asked, we’ve tried to be comprehensive in the information included here. We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions for inclusion on this website.

Current users can tell you about the advantages and conveniences of using our innovative glue products. And once you’ve tried our adhesives, you’ll quickly see how interesting and rewarding it is to work with PUs. The AmBel Corporation is proud to be the exclusive North American distributors of these innovative adhesive products and will continue to bring you new PU adhesives as they are developed. For personal assistance, please call 800.779.3935.