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Welcome to Excel Glue providing excellence in Polyurethane adhesives.  As the exclusive distributor in North America of Excel Polyurethane Glues, The Ambel Company introduced Excel One in 1992 to the American Wood Working Market.  Since that time Ambel has earned a reputation of unequaled service, knowledgeable support and valued, affordable products.  Ambel has added Excel products over time such as Excel XPress and Excel Structan.  These along with Excel One can be purchased right here, on-line in various sizes and quantities.  You can also use or site to learn more about the Excel Products from the experts.  We look forward to providing quality glue products to you for years to come!


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Excel Glue new on Twitter! Stay tuned for the FREE GLUE GIVEAWAY SWEEPSTAKES! Coming Soon!

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Why Excel Glue?

What is the clamp time for Excel XPress?
The clamp time for Excel Xpress is 30 - 45 min!
Is Excel One Waterproof?
All Excel Glue products including Excel One, Xpress and Structan are waterproof!
Excellence in Polyurethane Adhesives